Netflix Competition

hold my hand up my boys have watched a little too much television lately, I do
generally like to supplement it with lots of fresh air, but with bouts of
illnesses lasting for over a month its been an exhausting time for all of us. Sadly my parenting mojo was a little
depleted! I need lots of sleep and I
rarely get anywhere near enough at the moment. 
I am running on empty (and had quite a rough time of it myself with a
severe chest infection and my Asthma kicking off sob!). So it’s great that I can subscribe to
something like Netflix to keep my children occupied when I really cannot find
the energy to get up and crafting with them or on those long walks to burn off
their relentless energy levels.

previous form will return soon and it will be back to all the activities in a
flourish but until then the variety available with a Netflix subscription has
really helped, my two can find something to actually agree on watching
together! Hubbie and I have watched the
odd film on there in the past too, I do think its better for the kids
mind. But maybe that’s because they
tend to hog it, so I never get a proper chance to see what is available for the
grown ups! Plus its quite affordable at
£5.99 a month, leaving plenty of money left over for snacks to accompany the TV
watching! With it being so damn cold too, its nice to have a decent excuse to snuggle in and have some relaxing downtime on occasion!

have kindly offered me a six-month subscription for one lucky winner (to help
you survive school holidays or if your all ailing like we were!). If you would like to enter please complete
the rafflecopter below by the 28th of February.

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115 thoughts on “Netflix Competition

  1. My daughter's favourite treat is watching a lovely film snuggled up on the sofa with her mum and a big bowl of popcorn, and I frequently use this as an incentive for her to tidy her bedroom!

  2. By trying not to watch too much television and playing family games instead,too cold to go outdoors at the moment.

  3. British weather+disabled mother+two hormonal daughters sharing a room=we neeeeed a Netflix fix, popcorn and fluffy blankies to stay just this side of sane!

  4. It's constantly raining at the moment and there's not a whole lot to do….Netflix would give everyone something to do and me a little break, fingers crossed!

  5. There are a variety of films to watch for all the family and it would be like being at the cinema with popcorn and sweets

  6. my children like thier disney films but due to no dvd downstairs and having to remove sky movie due to financial difficulties this would be a god send

  7. it would mean my son would get to watch some cartoons so we can get a break, we can all watch a family film together and later on me and my partner get to watch a movie – perfect for all 😀

  8. Does this sound bad … Mornings are hectic for me, so Netflix would be good to keep the kids occupied for a couple of hours. Well, that's the good, the bad & I guess the ugly is all of the extra washing, cooking the summer holidays bring. Sounds like it would make a good film!

  9. It would help me survive the holidays as my kds have boundless energy and even after long walks they aren't worn out- whilst I am! Netflix would be a great way to end a lovely day with them – relaxing and unwinding!

  10. We love movies and it's great to have a selection of good kid ones otherwise my son just watches the same one over and over and that drives me crazy!

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