Pumpazing Review and Competition

had a pleasant interlude this afternoon playing the fabulous Pumpazing
game by Drumond Park. The boys had happy faces to see a new game arrive!

It was quite action packed with
all the pumping to get the Zinger heads shooting off in various directions! We did have to duck a few times, but it
added to all the fun, even the boys nain could not resist having a couple of
turns. It appeals to all ages, even
though it is actually marketed for pre-school children to those aged about six. I think the fact you have to watch out for
flying Zinger heads is the main attraction.

is a good workout; it makes a change having an active game to play. Usually we move around a board, but this
game helped burn off some of their limitless energy levels! They have been a little crazy over half
term, so this game has been a welcome distraction, not only with all the pumping but then going off to hunt and find where the Zinger heads land is perfect for keeping them busy.

This is the look of a determined Pumpazing player, look at the concentration on that face!

It is a simple concept for a game, which means we could
get playing quite fast! Always a bonus
with my two, if I spend too long reading rules another spat of squabbles start
(anyone else finding sibling rivalry exhausting!?!). They could set up the game themselves, youngest is four very soon,
but he was quite happy to reset the button, add the Zinger heads and dish out
the life cards. It is quite refreshing
having a game they can really get on with themselves (although you will find it
hard not to want to join in!).

Zingy the character that you pump with his arms, requires 3 AAA batteries which are not included (so much sure your stocked up!), this is for his entertaining sayings “zing”, “boing” or “Uh-Oh”. If you have a zing or a boing you hang on to your life cards but if you have an Uh-Oh then you lose one of them. The person at the end with a life card left is declared the winner (with much triumph and cheering and the loser demanding a repeat game immediately in our case anyway!).

son is having a party next week, I think we might be tempted to bring this out,
its pass the parcel without all the layers of wrapping which drive me slightly
potty (although after a few years I did finally learn to buy a smaller prize!).

stockists visit http://www.drumondpark.com
or call 01506 855577, available to buy with an RRP of £19.99 (currently an absolute bargain at £9.99 on Amazon)

I have kindly been offered a copy to giveaway to a lovely follower so if you would like to enter please fill out the rafflecopter below by the 2nd of March.

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72 thoughts on “Pumpazing Review and Competition

  1. I agree with the the sibling rivalry! The simplicity makes it fun no more 'let's check the instructions' and also the inter-activeness like the sounds 🙂

  2. I Love the idea that the children need to go and find the heads afterwards….keeps them interested for longer

  3. I think the idea of the heads shooting off in all different directions sounds like a good laugh 😀

  4. It's like you say it burns off the child's energy, that can only be a good thing, because if children have one thing it's energy!

  5. I love that this game gets kids moving. My wee ones and I love board games and play them regularly, but means many evenings sat around the dining room table on our bottoms!

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