Sponsored Video: Samsung and the Monkey Thieves

video was hilarious it reminds me of my two little monkeys who have just
realised the merits of teaming up to pinch food from our kitchen (including the
fridge depending on what’s inside at the time), if its in arms length it will
be smuggled out and dispatched of quickly out of mummy’s eyes view in the
playroom or their bedrooms. 

Their latest stash was quite considerable, they don’t quite have the finesse and
co-ordination skills of the real monkeys in the video but they are definitely
refining their ability! As I move
sugary treats higher, they bring chairs into play to get to new heights…

am not sure the monkeys in the video would have braved our fridge; it’s quite higgledy-piggledy in there. 
Not very well organised and a little chaotic, one look and they would
have been off to orchestrate the perfect food theft crime in a fridge worthy of
their attentions. The Samsung is really
Easy in, Easy out, as the poor women on returning home is slightly perplexed to
find her fridge completely empty! Those
military organised monkeys had cleared the lot. But with the advantage of an easy slide shelf, even my two boys
could get off with more in the short time my back is turned! Maybe I should stick to my old fridge until
I have civilised them.

But with our fridge being a hazard, my hubbie stacks so much in there, cans of pop
come flying out and have hit me on my toe before. Cue sad face! Maybe I
need a Samsung sooner than I thought! Also the boys fruit could be kept fresher for longer, with the innovative MoistFresh Zone maintaining the ideal humidity, now they will arrive at school with fresh fruit not tired looking offerings!

More information on the Samsung website.

This post was sponsored by Samsung

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