Stuck on You Canvas Wall Art Review and Competition

are in a state of decoration, the house has been upside down, but it’s finally
coming together! Out with the old
carpet and in with the new flooring, the nice new look probably will not last,
with my two throwing wooden blocks from a great height (they have just decided
they love the sound of the clunking as it hits the floor… bangs my head and
really hopes the novelty wears off for them soon!).

everything looking so lovely, it was the perfect time to add some extra special
touches. So I was pleased to be sent
two of the fabulous personalised wall canvas from Stuck on You. Perfect for kids bedroom gift ideas or in
our case for making their playroom walls that little bit more exciting.

There were plenty of designs to pick
from, so I could choose something each of my boys particularly liked. In the case of youngest he is lion mad! So his of course had to feature one of
them. Eldest is quite partial to
dinosaurs, so he was very happy when he set eyes on his canvas.

They are very well made and sturdy,
I was impressed with the quality of both of them. The design was colourful and eye catching. All in all they are an ideal addition to
your home (and if your not currently decorating having such a nice new home accessory might spur you on to get started or if your still fighting the urge to decorate just think these are great for hiding crayon marks!).

If you would like to win a wall
canvas just complete the rafflecopter below by the 24th of February.
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