The Mummy Guilt

Working part time and leaving hubbie in the mantle I often
wonder what my two precious bundles get up too, not that I should worry really,
he has them off on all kinds of adventures and even cooking me up batches of
brownies for my return (and other sweet treats!).

I feel like I
miss out on so much quality family time though, it’s hard when they are growing
up so fast and I spend a good chunk of the weekend away from them (and eldest
spends lots of the week in school as it is!).

sometimes you have to relinquish your mummy reigns and go off in to the wider
world without them to try and help the finances. The only thing that keeps me going is seeing other children
having tantrums and then I feel a little relief that I am having a break from
dealing with public meltdowns. I can just share a look of understanding with
the parent handling it, as they scrape their child off the floor and try and
leave the supermarket with their dignity intact…

Giving an impromptu Samba band session on the beach!

One thought on “The Mummy Guilt

  1. I am a fan of you hubby he is wonderful!! he bakes he gives I.T support you should rent him out you would make a bundle on Rent a Hubby.

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