Valentine Competition

have teamed up with Asda to bring a little love in time for Valentine; I have
been sent a selection of a few of their fabulous Be Mine Valentine themed gifts
to giveaway in a competition.

Balm Trio £3 – to get your lips ever so kissable! Nothing like the cold weather to leave them dry and sore, well
you can soon banish that with this cute gift pack. Pucker up!

Bath Petals £3 – pretty white petals to scatter into your bath, creating a
romantic atmosphere (teamed up with some candles this would be quite a relaxing
sight to behold!).

Care Set £3 – you can tell how old you are by the state of your hands
supposedly! Well mine are in desperate
need of some TLC then, as I must be nearing retirement already! This set would soon get them into a loving
condition again!

love the packaging of all three sets; the great thing about Valentines at Asda
is it is very affordable (leaving more money for eating out and a nice bottle
of wine!). It is hard living on a
budget but at these prices you can feel like you have spoilt someone special in
your life without panicking about it costing a small fortune!

all these treats you can get yourself looking perfect for the 14th! Hopefully you will have someone to lavish
attention on you but if not, then spoil yourself anyway! After enjoying all of the above you can
chomp down some Lindt chocolate (perfect for Valentines or as Mother’s Day chocolates, not that they would last long!). 
These look very tasty and everyone needs a sugary treat now and
then. I know I feel the urge often
enough, running around after my two is enough of a workout for me! The Caramel Brownie especially sounds

Randomly I will also throw in a pair of Heat Holders Socks, I have a few of these socks and swear by them! Not huge on the romance factor you might think, but you could always whip them off last minute to get cosy! Two ice blocks in bed does little to help the mood!!! My feet are always freezing, so I do not leave the house without these!

Please complete the rafflecopter below by the 12th of February (fingers crossed then you may have it in time for Valentines, if not its a nice treat regardless!).

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138 thoughts on “Valentine Competition

  1. No plan, my friend has asked me to care for her for 24 hours after her operation so I'll be mummy to both my 11 month old & a dribbling 33 year old goth 😀 LOL Lucky my partner doesnt do Valentines isnt it? ;o)

  2. Our son was initially due on the 15th, so we made no plans, now that he was 3 weeks early we will probably have a nice steak dinner and hope for some good sleep 🙂

  3. I will be spending it with my husband and 2 children and perhaps light some candles and get cosy on the sofa together x

  4. Hubby's working so we're going out for a valentines lunch on tuesday instead 🙂 Thankyou for the lovely competition!

  5. I haven't as I'm single, but I'll say what my dad has planned for my mum, a Romantic Dinner, Hes even going to clean the kitchen.. =)

  6. I have something major planned this Valentines day as I promised my boyfriend I will take charge this year and hopefully it work out. The day will start with me making him help me take my little brother to school and picking up his little girlfriend along the way and dropping them off. Then we'll take a walk through the shopping mall next to the college where we first met before heading off for a early screening at the cinema, sharing a box of popcorn right at the backseat whilst watching other couples together doing the same thing. Then I have lunch planned at a Michelin restaurant knowing we'll be surrounding by more longer term relationship couples like us enjoying a 5 course menu with separate wines per course. I know he will offer to pay but I will insisted that for the first time in our relationship, I would like to pay. When we are sober enough to walk and act normal I will ask him to help me do some grocery shopping which will confused him (he will probably think the day was over) and help me buy some sweet treats to take back with us. After another stroll and a sit in the park, watching couples pick up their children from school we will make it our final destination in my plan which is to a Valentines party at an elderly community service. We'll drop off the treats there and dance with the elders before being left alone to dance together to the music. And this is where I will make my speech. I will tell him how I remember how we met when we were young at school and how I want to know everything I missed before we met. How I remember our first date in the cinema and how attached and newly in love we were to falling in love and just being happy with each other, treating ourselves to expensive treats to doing the more casual stuff like shopping and being truly happy and content with him just being there beside me. And finally I ended the speech with saying how much I would like to grow old with him and be a happy married couple, starting a family and picking up his kids from school and like these elderlies around us, retired, old but still happy because they still got each other. It will end with a kiss and us sharing the tears running down our faces, deeply in love. I have my fingers crossed. Please wish me all the best. x

  7. I've injured my knee the last week so won't be doing anything special for my wife, winning this prize would help give her a little thank you.

  8. Just plan to stay in with the hubby and have a nice take away, a bottle of wine, watch a good film and have some lovely cuddles.

  9. Going to send a surprise gift to my lovely daughter away at uni. She has just split up with her boyfriend and is really sad. No doubt my husband will completely ignore the day as normal – one bunch of flowers in 23 years !!!

  10. we tend not to go out on valentines night as its always busy so we'll be going out on the saturday (16th) instead for a meal. we dont go crazy in buying presents but i'll get my girlfriend some flowers and a card and a little something 🙂

  11. Well its fallen on a Thursday which our kids swimming lesson day so we not going out for a meal this year but her has promised to cook me a nice meal and we are going to watch a film together 🙂

  12. My daughters performance of Annie is happening, and we have tickets for that. It was delayed due to the school buildings being renovated. So I had my presents early, and we celebrate as a family. I wish I had a little more private time alone with my husband. I keep telling myself it will happen as the children get older.. I hope im not kidding myself.

  13. I have a meeting on Valentines day (not very romantic!) but we will probably go out on the Weds instead for a meal or something as it's our day off & will be cheaper than on Valentines day itself.

  14. Unfortunately No, for the 4th year in a row! 🙁 I am disabled and the money other half brings in is barely enough to live on so no plans. But we do usually get a bag of mini eggs and watch a film which we love 🙂 It's not about what you do, it's about being with the one you love 🙂

  15. Nope, nothing but that's not unusual in the least…nearly 11 years together and we have never done anything for it! Lol

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