Welcome to the House of Germs

two boys have been so ill over the last few weeks; we had one covered with
chicken pox and the other with a very nasty viral infection that seemed intent
on sticking around! After that it had to be hubbie and my turn to start ailing and both of us now have chest infections (we
are rattling with all our meds!). It
has certainly been germ central here. But a
lovely package arrived on Saturday, which really helped lift our spirits. A “pamper package” of activity books and a
reading story had been dispatched from Autumn Group upon hearing about my
poorly family.

I was genuinely touched by
their kindness; with it came no expectation to for me to mention their kindly
deed. But I was so impressed I wanted
to myself. Those books have given lots
of cheer to my boys, its nice to see them smiling and looking healthier again. Each activity book came
with plenty of stickers and lots of scope to practice counting, improve their
colouring and even build press out dinosaurs and a space rocket! What a lovely way to pass the time whilst we
all regain our strength.

Thank you Autumn Group
(when hubbie is well I am even going to see if I can get him and the boys to make me the tasty
looking Rocky Road Chews from one of the books!).

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