Amazing Saving Story Winner

I had so many lovely emails from my followers it was tough picking a winner. You had plenty of good ideas between you but in the end I went for Cyndi Johnson.

She stood out because she took saving money that little bit further, not just collecting vouchers or using store points wisely, but taking it to another level.

Armed with a little rucksack you can make the most of what the natural world has on offer. Berries, root vegetables, whatever you can scavenge on your journeys. Possibly I am so fond of this approach as I am reading The Hunger Games book and its a huge plus if you can find food!

I also had a little giggle about her approach to washing clothes, near the end of your shower, add the plug, then your clothes go in with some cheap soap and then stomp around on them (imagine being in a vine yard in France if you need some motivation!)! Given how many times a week our washing machine seems to be on, maybe I should combine the boys bath time with clothes washing time too!!!

Well done Cyndi Johnson, who is now entered into the main £500 draw (fingers crossed for you!). If it goes all quiet on my blog sorry but I am out collecting tree bark to make into tea or on the hunt for edible bugs…

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