Argo Review

We watched the theatrical version – our sofa has still not arrived and I thought the extended version might be a bit of a stretch with hubbie sat on a pillow for comfort!

It is based on a true story, opening with a violent mob angry mob scene. Certainly not my usual kind of film with all the burning of flags, aggressive chanting then them all storming the embassy. But when you stay with the film you get gripped, you want to know what happens to the six who managed to escape.

The film is full of suspense, you feel your heart beat quicken wondering how it will turn out, each little thing like the outcome of a phone call brought me into full panic mode. The whole time I hoped they would manage to pull off their very ambitious plan to leave the country spearheaded by an unlikely character from the CIA (during one shot you see him waking up surrounded by cigarette butts, empty cans and half eaten Chinese takeout boxes, but in elements of his work he seems completely in control!). Ben Affleck is perfect in his role.

I do not want to give too much away, but suffice to say, if your are like me and a fan of all things fluffy, hang in there you will be glad you did. Hubbie at the end of it said “very well done!”, so I think that sums it up! Although the fact that it is a winner of a considerable amount of awards might convince you even more… (or if your a fan of men with moustaches!)

Available to buy on Blu-Ray for £15 from Amazon.

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