Baby Jake Review

I cannot stop humming the theme tune to myself, its so
damn catching! Forget the latest chart
singles I would not have a clue but when it comes to Baby Jake I can sing along
with the best of them!!! Which is a good
thing as youngest is quite taken with his new Musical Baby Jake. It is a toy marketed for the 18+ months, but
even though youngest is now 4, he is a fan of the show on CBeebies.

Baby Jake has a soft squishy body and hard hands and head. It is quite a small figure, but an okay size
for the age of the children it is aimed at. 
For them it would be just right for cuddles and playtime.

toy has an RRP of £9.99, it takes batteries but these are non-replaceable, so I
guess you have to hope the novelty of the toy wears out before the
batteries! But even without sound, it
could become a treasured friend, many of my boys favourite snugly toys do not
have batteries anyway.

were also sent the Baby Jake Push Along Diggery with an RRP of £4.99. Both my boys love toy vehicles so one
combining the cheerful Baby Jake and being a digger made it a hit from the
start! I would say this has a longer
appeal for children, as my son and his six-year-old friend were quite happy to
have a look at it, whereas the Musical Baby Jake was dismissed almost

can see more from the range on the Vivid Imaginations website.

Jake toys are available to buy at a wide range of stockists.

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