Choosing a Baby Name

Picking a baby name is a big responsibility, the poor child is lumbered with that name till the end of time! I had to have words with hubbie, he had decided on Blade for eldest (after the action film with the same name!), he said with a butch name like that he would be hard and not a target for bullying… I just rolled my eyes at him and choose a name more fitting!

Apologies to any people who have named their children Blade, but the names below as seen on the Bounty website do give you some idea which are the most popular! I have just eyed up the unusual name section and shock horror Blade is on there, note to self not to show this to hubbie! Luckily we have no more children planned as who know’s what he would try and convince me with next!!!

It is reassuring reading that the average age of mum is 29.8, I had my first at 28 and sometimes feel old compared to those around me at the school gate! It is funny reading the seasonal names for girls, if eldest had been a girl he would have been called Summer, he was born in June but according to the research only 55% of children named Summer were born in Summer!!!

Is your child in the top 10 of names?

Baby Names Infographic from Bounty

Content provided by Bounty

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