Do you want to be a Micro Scooters Tester?

Hell yes was our answer! I just registered my two boys on their website quick smart. We are lucky enough that they both have a Maxi Scooter each already but they have both been drooling over all the fancy accessories to complement their look!

Currently we just have a Lenny Zooter but there are so many more to pick from. They could do with the Scooterearz to keep their poor hands warm! Mummy being a little silly tumbled their gloves and the last scooting session was quite cold (windy Welsh weather), as they now resemble teeny tiny dolls sized gloves!!! The mini bells look quite sweet and dinky, with the speed my two go a little notice of their arrival might be a sensible idea.

Note to self stop looking at the website and eat your cake (my tea is getting cold you can tell I am absorbed in all things Micro Scooters, usually nothing gets in the way of my cake eating!).

Anyway make sure you register as a tester, who know’s what might turn up for you to road test!

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