Easter on a budget

It can be an expensive business raising a family, just as you get over the expense of Christmas the Easter eggs are wheeled out to tempt your children! So you seem to be buying eggs long before Easter itself…

It’s not great for my waistline having all this chocolate in the house, but its worse for my poor wallet if I do not shop around. I always like to do an Easter egg hunt so like to get lots of eggs in for that, it would not be much of an event, if they only had a couple to find! Maybe one year I could splash out and hire a giant bunny outfit for hubbie to wear, although I can imagine his face when I try and squeeze him into it…

I am going to start looking for some Easter offers, to cut back a little and help our finances. Then there will definitely be enough over to get hubbie this. I think its silly not to head to a price comparison site these days, as times are hard! We seem to spend a small fortune every week just to feed us. So for the treats and extra’s I do not want them to disappear completely because money is too tight. We will still be enjoying Easter just being slightly more frugal!

My favourite eggs are ones that come with a toy too! So least when all the chocolate is chomped up there is something left to enjoy. I think the Beacon Hot Wheels Milk Chocolate Egg & 2 Toys for £4 from Tesco is a bit of a bargain! My boys love playing with cars, so I will have to add these to the egg hunt.

Sites like mySupermarket help you see the multiple buy offers available so you can budget better and plan ahead. No more dashing in buying one pack on the hop and not realising you could have had another for free! Even worse if its something like the very tasty Cadbury’s Mini Egg Chocolate Nest Cakes, I must confess it is ME that keeps buying them not the kids! After searching for Easter special offers online I have seen how helpful a price comparison site can be and I think I shall have to find the rest of my deals there as well!

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