Ewbank Chilli Vacuum Cleaner Review

was so excited we were reviewing a vacuum cleaner! Who’d have thought household appliances held such a thrill? I must finally be getting house-proud. It’s been a long time coming, but I know my
mum is pleased…

Our current vacuum overheats, you have a few minutes (if
your lucky) hovering time then it cuts out and you have to wait AGES to resume
again. Given it’s a VAX I had hoped it
would last longer, but thankfully Lakeland came to the rescue.

cannot get over the price of the Ewbank Chilli Vacuum Cleaner; it’s a complete
bargain for £37.99. Yes it is quite
small, but does not lack in suction*. It
managed to pick up plenty of bits from what we considered a very clean carpet!

that price you could buy one if you have a holiday caravan or a second home (I
can put dream!), rather than dragging your main vacuum with you every time you
go on holiday. Especially if you have
the world’s smallest car boot like we do…

attachments really help it stand out. It
has made cleaning our bristly doormat a piece of cake, I had trouble with the overheating
vacuum of old as it had no special tools, so it took ages to do.

With the attachment, it managed to clear out
lots of muddy footprints and its been restored to its former splendour!

had considered getting a cordless vacuum but the lead on the Ewbank Chilli is
so long (7m), getting up the stairs is no problem at all. We can even do the landing and my office,
still plugged in downstairs! With our
old hoover I had to start at the bottom, then vacuum the last few of the stairs
at the top after dragging everything upstairs and using the landing plug. But no messing about with this little
beauty! Us busy mums need convenient
cleaning options, because frankly I want to spend some of the short two hours
youngest is at school having a hot cuppa!

is quite lightweight so no need to struggle anymore, definitely suitable for
weaklings like me! The handle comes off
so you can easily tuck it away after cleaning, so if you have a shortage of
space (since when did toys slowly take over!) this is the ideal solution.

Thank you Lakeland for bringing a new level of clean to my house.

*To update on this it was good initially but it did not last as long as we hoped, so I do recommend buying a more expensive vacuum.

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  1. Have only used chilli vac a few times. Has very little suction. Now the brushes will not turn and it's starting to overheat.Called customer service and no help.do not recommend this product

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