I ♥ Bedtime Blog Tour

We were sent the lovely book I ♥ Bedtime by
Clara Vulliamy. It was a delightful
second instalment featuring Martha and the adorable Bunny Brothers.

Come bedtime Mummy and Daddy of the Missing Sleep
household are a little frazzled so I would love a little Martha to help us get
the boys ready! She even tidies up
at the end of the day (admittedly it involves hiding things behind the sofa and
cushions but it’s a start!).

We have made a star chart to get them to tidy
the playroom before bed, which has started to show some success! They make an effort of sorts till they feign
absolute exhaustion… funny how they regain their energy once they are upstairs!

Our boys have showers (our bath needs a new
tap, it broke like forever ago now and getting Daddy organised is a slow
process, luckily my two love showers but the bunnies look like they have even
more fun with all their bubbles!).

Books are a big part of bedtime, eldest can
read his own now and youngest enjoys one read by me. They each have a bookshelf of their own, so tend to want their
own choice of story rather than have one together. Although I ♥ Bedtime was popular with them both!

The book does highlight how bedtime is quite a
long drawn out process! Pretty much
like it is here, lots of coaxing, toing and froing, then finally getting them
tucked in bed, with hundreds of kisses and cuddles! Eldest we sneak out occasionally, he pretends to be going to
sleep (so youngest does not get grumpy!) then we let him come downstairs for
another half an hour to play on the Wii with Daddy as a rare treat. But generally when they drift off we let out
a sigh of relief and build up our energy stocks for another day…

How do you get on at bedtime in your home?

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