i-pic Photo Frame Review and Competition

was excited to be reviewing one of these stylish photo frames. I have a terrible habit of buying frames and
then never finding a photo that fits it quite right! Well i-pic have sorted that problem out for me, I could pick the
frame and the photo and even add a message, so when it arrived it was ready to
be proudly displayed straight away (or can even stick on the fridge as its

are quite exclusive as you have the ability to create your own frame, so if you
have some treasured artwork by one of your children, what better way to make a
family photo stand out! I was quite
taken by the buttons picture from their library but I think when I use them
again as a paying customer I might get the boys to experiment and come up with
some designs for me. It really does
make for a unique memento, perfect as a present for dotting grandparents or
close friends.

the frame was relatively easy, I know this, as I did not actually need hubbie
to detach himself from CSI watching and come help me! I love the sheer number of designs in the library to choose from,
perfect for any occasion or theme. 
Photo uploading was relatively speedy and cropping the picture to your
taste simple to do. You can personalise
with a message at the front and the back of the frame, so plenty of scope to
write something memorable (and adjust the font again with an ample selection to pick

picture is of the tree where hubbie proposed so on the back, we wrote
engagement tree revisited and the date, as it was special to us to have a
keepsake of a magical time that then led on to marriage and the creation of
the two little scamps in the picture too! For £14.99 (+ postage) it is well worth buying a few to cherish those precious moments!

can order yourself from the website or fill out the rafflecopter below for a chance
to win one, the competition will close on the 3rd of April.

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61 thoughts on “i-pic Photo Frame Review and Competition

  1. One of myself and my children, its rare to get them all in the same place at the same time to have a photo taken and I really love it when we manage it @Bobbity666

  2. A pic of granddaughter wearing a straw hat with a garland round her neck it's a beautiful picture I cherish it

  3. I have a fabulous picture of my daughters giggling together and I have been looking for a good frame for it for ages. I'd love to get them to do a handprint painting and use that for the frame.

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