John Lewis To The Rescue

house has been decorated but we are still lacking some pretty important
essentials! Like wardrobes for example,
finding anything at the moment is almost impossible; everything from all three
bedrooms is currently stuffed tightly in my office! My office is only tiny, so as you can imagine, there is no floor
space now, you risk breaking your neck just stepping into the room! My hubbie had tried to move our old
wardrobes, but they kind of collapsed in on themselves…

I would definitely like a new wardrobe or two, to restore my sanity!!! Trying to find the boys socks, underpants
and uniform, for the school morning rush, is not fun in the slightest. The other day I ended up in a pair of hubbie’s
undercrackers as my underwear was lost in the bedlam! The idea to start the overhaul of the house is wearing of fast…

all the chaos in the house I need some pampering too. I think I have gained a few more wrinkles just dealing with it
all. So I would have to add an
expensive face cream to restore me to my pre-decorating state. This morning I could not even find my hairbrush,
so am not sure what people must think of me as I do the school run looking as
if I just rolled out of bed!

I could also do with a sturdy shoe rack, my boys seem to have lots of shoes and seem to just chuck them wherever it takes their fancy! Maybe with a proper nominated space, they might learn to put them away nicely. I can always live in hope, I will domesticate these two eventually!

Then finally a big Lego set would be essential, to keep
the boys occupied for hours, whilst I put my feet up and nurse a hot cup of tea! It’s been a long week, with LOTS of
playdates, so a decent set like the one in the picture should keep them out of
mischief for a while. If I am lucky I
might even get a chance to start the pampering session, maybe I should go for a
10-14 aged set instead with lots more challenge for them ha (they will still be
at it weeks later!).

This is a commissioned post

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