Kellogg’s New Cereal Launch and Competition

This package came with perfect timing, ready for the boys’
supper. I like to give them something
to fill their tummies in the evening, in the vague hope it will help them sleep
longer in the night!

I must admit I was unsure of the idea of Rice Krispies
Multi-Grain Shapes Strawberry, but having road tested it myself, I think it
tastes quite nice, the strawberry flavour is not artificial, but pleasant

I like how they are now marketing lower sugar and wholegrain
cereals, given how tasty they are a few in a bowl during the day is a good go
to snack. The perfect way to deter them
from yet more sweets!!! The youngest is
home most of the day and it can be tiring dealing with the regular “I’m hungry”
complaints, I run out of options of what to give him after a yoghurt, fruit,
some cheese, and somehow he ends up getting his way and having more sweets
(mummy has no backbone!). Instead I will
reach for this lovely selection.

Supper last night he actually had two portions of cereal
and he did sleep well. He was keen to
have four portions and try all the flavours out, but I had to draw the line at
two! But be warned they are so tasty your child might loss their good table manners and cram it in their mouths instead!

Keep an eye out in your local stores where they will be
appearing shortly.

If you would like to have a package of the four new
cereal’s delivered to your door, please leave a comment below with your child’s
favourite Kellogg’s cereal. This
competition will close on the 23rd of March.

252 thoughts on “Kellogg’s New Cereal Launch and Competition

  1. Unfortunately my daughter tries to copy my bad habit of skipping breakfast. I know how important a good breakfast is to set her up for the day though so encourage her to have a bowl of cereals. At the moment she is partial to Coco Pops, and I am glad she is having something before school.
    It's a shame there's no longer toys in the packs though, I used to love collecting them as a kid. Would love to win these other cereals as could encourage my daughter to widen her choices a bit.

  2. Crunchy Nut Cornflakes have to be the family favourite – we get through one 750g box a week, but they do also love the coco pops style breakfasts that are shapes. I let them have a handful for dessert when I'm being especially nice 😉

  3. Eldest (13) likes Special K, Youngest (6) likes Coco Pops. I love Corn Flakes!

    Want to say thanks for keeping entering simple and not 20 questions (or 94) like the one I did yesterday.

  4. My little one loves coco pops – but cheerios are becoming a firm favourite again. However my elder boy insists on eating them dry – is it just me that "finds" cereal" under the sofa in toys (!!) and generally in any gap it can fit?????

  5. My house is a mad house most of the time as I am a foster carer and have my own children we have a least 3 boxes of Kellogg's on the go at the same time. so favourites are crunchy nut, rice krispies and frosted flakes.

  6. Cocoa Pops are my big boys favourite. He is 24 a big burly rugby player but he still loves his breakfast bowl of delicious cocoa pops.

  7. I would love to try these, he currently eats Coco Pops and I would love to try some different once for him

  8. My 4 yr old son loves Coco pops. They have to be in that bown with a straw he stirs them round a few times to make sure milk is chocolaty, drinks the milk through the straw the munches the cereal. He has a set way to eat them. His next favourite is shreddies how he can eat them i dont know.

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