Mathseeds Announcement

This is due for release in May, but we have been allowed a
sneak preview of what is planned. 
Reading Eggs has really helped my eldest with his ability to read, so I
have high hopes for Mathseeds to give his mathematical capabilities a real

It seems of a similar vein to Reading Eggs with a
placement test planned, so your child starts at an appropriate level. It is very colourful and engaging, it begins
quite easy, which is perfect for four year olds to get started, with plenty of
repetition for them to begin to recognise their numbers and start
counting. At the end of a lesson out
pops a character from an acorn, this is a surprisingly effective incentive to
keep progressing around the map. My two
are keen to see what will come out of the next one, so it keeps them focused on
learning and moving forward.

Reading Eggs itself was so appealing; my eldest son has
actually completed it. He passed all
his tests and is a much more confident reader for the experience. So I have a feeling Mathseeds will be just
as popular and help develop his core Maths skills.

I will review the lessons fully after the release in
May, but had to share the news with my followers, because I am sure you will be
as excited as we are!

Keep an eye on the website for more information.

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