Mr Pencil App Review

the awful weather, we have crazy blustery winds and its freezing cold, the boys
have been feeling cooped up and a little bored. I was pleased we were given a code to review another of
LeapFrog’s great educational apps for the LeapPad 2.

Mr Pencil Saves Doodleburg retails for £20 and is
available to buy from the App Centre. 
Youngest sat quite happily playing this, it is a very motivational app,
lots of encouragement with “well done” when you do something correctly. He was beaming about all the praise he was
getting, positively thriving on it!

really like how the game is broken down into an adventure you can play and also
individual lessons, this way you can focus on the parts you need more practise
on or have the excitement of seeing how Mr Pencil gets on saving the day making
Doodleburg a beautiful place again. 
Even after you have unlocked an area you can go back and use it as a
colouring template, adding bits and making it just so.

is lots of scope to unleash your little one’s creative skills, without the
chaos of real paints, stamps and chalks. 
It is nice sometimes to let them use virtual craft items, to save your
sanity! The lampshade in our kitchen is
still decorated with an assortment of red paint splashes… the kitchen is where
we craft so I have no immediate plans to decorate in there, but when I do I
will be reaching for this fabulous app more often! Youngest and Mr Pencil means no mess, hallelujah!

like how much this has helped youngest; he has got better at drawing his shapes
and writing his letters and practising your lines. Thanks to this game youngest and eldest are now looking for
shapes all around them. My two are quite
good with their colours, but I do think it’s useful to show them the mixing area
and how secondary colours are made and how different colours reflect different

Mr Pencil works with the LeapPad2, LeapPad1, LeapsterGS and Leapster Explorer, so no one need
miss out on all the fun! Thanks
LeapFrog drawing has never been so entertaining!

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