Out with the Old

It was a momentous occasion in our house we have finally got rid of the prehistoric curtains in our living room. My mum had them initially and they were 30 years old! They were also diarrhoea brown so not a great look! But sometimes you have to wait till you have saved the pennies to have everything updated. We had our new blinds fitted by Hillary’s but if your a dab hand at fitting yourself you can save even more getting them at blinds-supermarket.

I am so proud of our wooden Venetian Blinds, they have made a huge difference to the room. I do not cringe anymore when someone drops by unannounced, because no one has to see THOSE dreadful curtains anymore! I think the blinds were our inspiration for the rest of the house, as when you make one improvement its hard not to want to continue the process.

We have got the boys the black out blinds, with moons and stars, instead of draping their old curtains along the top of the rail (as we had lost most of the hooks). It is nice when things are starting to come together, I just wish having seen the quality I had not waited so long to take the leap to rid the house of antique curtains!

Now my house is finally looking presentable, I might need to subscribe to House Beautiful to leave it on the coffee table, displayed strategically so visitors think I am knowledgeable on house design… ha! But they will make great coasters for my regular cups of tea anyway! What I have found is that the process of decorating has really spurned me on to clean. It seems a shame to see it messy! Even seems to be rubbing off on the boys, they keep being seen equipped with dustpan and brush tidying as they go…

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  1. OMG i have some curtains up in our house from the previous people they are horrid, we have been living here almost 5 years. i think i need to take a leaf out of your book and sort it out and join you and the glam set.

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