Planning for World Book Day

a family we love reading, I am often to be found with my nose in a book when I
get the chance. The boys have plenty of
stories of their own, with the books shelves just about holding their rather
large collections (expanded rapidly with our numerous book reviews). So I guess I should really try and get them
involved in World Book Day this Thursday, the 7th of March. I have not heard if their school are
planning anything, but it might be quite good fun to send the boys in their
favourite costumes to celebrate books and reading.

When it comes to children’s fancy dress costumes, Fancy Dress Ball certainly have no shortage. They have a
vast array of different ones, ranging from characters from shows they love to a
selection of professions (police, builder, chef!). Although they never quite manage to team the outfit up quite
right, it ends up being more of a mismatch of ALL the costumes…

I can see here for more world book day costume ideas to hopefully
give them some inspiration and keep the boys on the right track! Otherwise the teachers at the school will
have no clue as to what look they are aiming for.

For eldest a Where’s Wally outfit
would be perfect, seeing as he spends lots of time Wally spotting in one of his
favourite books. I think the look is
just right with the bobble hat and glasses. 
Youngest likes magic and is a fan of brandishing invisible wands and
saying I have been changed into a frog or something similar… so for him he would
suit a Harry Potter outfit, finally he could have a real wand!

Costumes can really help
develop children’s love of books and further gain their interest and enthusiasm for reading. How do you plan on celebrating World Book

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