Pumpaloons Review and Competition

Youngest absolutely loved Pumpaloons (RRP £19.99); we somehow missed it
when it first came out. But its one they have seen advertised and have been ever hopeful of reviewing. Drumond Park really do make some fun games!

He was very excited to be hitting the pump hard and
trying to get it to inflate quicker than his god mummy! It was a very physical game but the only
problem I had was when inflated, he did not want to give up his new
playmate! He wrestled it, he cuddled
it, he walked around holding its hand and then even dressed it! It took a lot of gentle persuasion to get
him to let his “friend” be allowed back into the game.

For little ones, its really nice seeing them being so active. Sometimes they have too much reliance on screens, so its good even if its bad weather outside to wear them out a little! I was worried it might take ages to deflate the Pumpaloons and the boys would be bored for further games, but its quite easy you just scrunch it down and before you know your ready to play again.

A great family game needing no batteries (just pure people/child energy!). His god mummy just beat him (he had the arms and head to go when she won, so he really did give it a good pump!). Using his hands and feet alternatively, whatever worked to help his friend come back for more cuddles.

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7 thoughts on “Pumpaloons Review and Competition

  1. My son would be the same with this, rather than getting on with the game, he would be dressing it up etc, so funny

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