Revellutions Blue Mantis Review

My boys’ eyes lit up when they saw this remote
controlled car, the Blue Mantis (1:18 sized model), which has an RRP of
£39.99. I love the design of it, very
eye catching, with lots of blue and bright yellow eyes. Owning a remote control car is a right of
passage when you’re a young boy. I
remember my brother being crazy about his (until he went through the stage of
dismantling everything and trying but failing to get them back together!).

this car has some special features over the one he used to own, it actually is
shower proof, so a little bit of rain does not have to spoil your fun! With us living in Wales (renowned for the
rain!) it’s an ideal match for our family. 
We can still enjoy the car regardless, come rain or shine we can benefit
from the fresh air and encourage our boys to make the most of the beautiful
place we live in.

car is supposedly designed for 8-12 years olds, but I would say why let them
have all the fun. The control does not
take long to get the hang of and both the boys (even the youngest) were quite
competent in its use after a while! The
highlight for them is they can even drive through puddles, with the electronics
perfectly protected, they can drive to their hearts content, without mummy and
daddy grumbles about watch out there is water over there, mind that bit it
might ruin the car, look out for that big puddle… (Gosh us parents moan on
don’t we?)

larger model is due for release in the summer, which has a wireless gaming
feature, where you will be able to play an exciting 3D racing game online. It is amazing to think how far remote
control cars have come. I think the
most useful is the charging time, after 30 minutes you can drive around for 45
minutes. If I recall rightly am sure my
brother used to have to leave his to charge overnight!!! Thank the lord those days are gone, as my
two would not have the patience for that kind of malarkey!

is available from and all good toy stores. For further
information visit

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