SportsShoes Review

hubbie was in dire need of new trainers; he had been making do with an old pair
of work shoes as his casual shoes! 
Given our new love of the outdoors and trying to make the most of all
the walks in the area, he had little grip for loose ground. As he is helping a little one along too I
need to make sure he stays safely on the path! 
So it was exciting to review a pair of INOV8 ROCLITE 295 trail running shoes.

trainers are a very versatile shoe; easily doubling as running shoes and
walking shoes, providing both the necessary comfort and support. They are quite light shoes and the material is
very breathable, yet they still manage to be well cushioned ready to handle any
terrain you choose!

retail at £89.99 but the quality does help justify the price and the free
delivery (they did arrive very promptly!). 
If your someone who enjoys getting out, whether it is to chase after the
kids to wear them out for bedtime or other feats of endurance (fancy climbing Snowdonia
anyone?), these seem like very capable shoes.

Visually they look good too, you would expect trail shoes to be functional rather than fashionable. But these pull off both more than adequately!

when hubbie comes home I think I will send him out to do a long distance
run! His cake tummy will be gone in no
time with this pair. Maybe I should
have a good look around the comprehensive ladies section and we could work out
together (its time I moved away from the cake too!).

Whatever sport you like to participate in SportShoes will have a fitting pair of shoes to wear. They also have a fabulous selection of clothing for men, women and children. I keep putting off going to cross training sessions with some friends, but if I had the right clothes it might give me the confidence to join them.

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