Staying in is the new going out

For me nothing beats a night in with the girls. I would love to say I enjoy the bright lights of the City and the lure of a dance floor! But in reality I am happier tucked indoors with my closest friends, a Chinese on speed dial, romantic slush on the box and eating my body weight in chocolate and cake! We would put the world to rights, consume wine, laugh lots and reminisce.

For me a night out is a thing of the past, I did my fair share during my University days, I drank like a fish and danced like a loon! But I am too exhausted now, a night out involves dressing up, applying make up, taming my hair… a night in I can wear my onesie!

So it is interesting to read the results of a survey by Ladbrokes and see how I compare with the general public. 77% of women in Wales prefer to stay in! Whoop I am not old before my time; I am in the majority (even if I do like a blanket for comfort!). 27 is supposedly the average age when women prefer to stay in than go out. I would say I favoured staying in even earlier than that! I think I overdid it at university in the first couple of years, so by my last year I was just as happy watching a film with my best friend.

Us back then:

I used to let my hair down:

I was reading the reasons people are not keen to go out anymore, some of them I have not really noticed before (like toilet paper stuck to my shoe, maybe I have just been lucky and only frequented nice toilets!) but I can relate to queuing at bars and expensive drinks being a royal pain in the posterior! Sore feet is another gripe of mine also, at home I can stick to slippers on a night out I have to topple around on heels!

After writing this its made me want another girls night in and soon! Cocktails anyone? Re-plays of Sex in the City?

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