Styling my boys

My two handsome chaps are in need of
new clothes; they have had growth spurts and outgrown some of their items. That and their tastes change, one minute
they are avidly following Scooby Doo, then moving onto Ben 10, before deciding
its all about Skylanders. The clothes featuring brands
that fall from grace then get shoved to the back of the wardrobe, to be long forgotten!!!

I think it might be more sensible for me to get t-shirts
without any characters on, that way I might get more use out of them. There are some fabulous options from AlexandAlexa, all very stylish. I think I would still
want to see some characters for my boys, but it would be nice to expand their
clothing options to include some more classic options, with a touch of designer magic!

I love the formal
wear section of the website! I do not think either of my boys
yet have an occasion to wear suits but I just think they would look very
James Bond in one of these! When it comes
to a school ball in many years time, I hope my two turn out dressed like this, ready
to sweep their childhood sweethearts off their feet. Luckily I have plenty of time to start saving, as looking this groomed understandably comes at a price!

But enough with the suits, I need to
focus on what they actually need now and that would mean looking at the comfortable boys tracksuits. With PE sessions in
full swing at school, I could not bear to send them in little shorts anymore! It is far too cold for that nonsense.

It is surprising how fashion conscious some of my boys’ friends are already, but decking them out with items from this site, I am sure my two will be amongst the best dressed. I think given the prices though they would have to settle for just a few signature pieces to really make the remaining items in their wardrobes work.

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