The Gruffalo Mini Hide and Seek Game

Featuring the characters from one of their favourite
books, I had a feeling the game would be popular too. It’s a useful game to help with recall skills, as you need to
remember the location of the animal tokens. 
Youngest was skilled at that; my brain was not quite so sharp!

The game box is a handy size to pop into a bag for holidays and days out, if you need something small to entertain the kids! The board folds out so its not as teeny as it first appears.

It was a simple game to set up; youngest enjoyed
helping being involved in that part too, placing the animal tokens
appropriately and shuffling the cards (in a manner!) for me. The game was just the right length of time
for the attention span of 3+ children.

Playing games with your children is so important; its
helps teach them turn taking and develop concentration skills. Eldest had an excellent report at his last
parents evening, in part I think its down to the number of board games we have
played as a family since he was very young.

You can also use the game to introduce the types of
animals and talk about them in more depth. 
Stockists of the game include: Tesco, WH Smith and Amazon. With an RRP of £8.99 it would
make a lovely gift for young children.

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