The Princess Bride 25th Anniversary

I find it hard to believe this film is actually this old or I
did the injustice or never watching it the first time round! Hubbie was working late last night, so it
was lovely to put on this fantasy adventure and regale in a romantic action
packed tale.

The opening scene hooked me from the beginning about a
grandfather reading the story of The Princess Bride to his poorly grandson,
“when I was your age television was called books…”. The film intermediately cuts back to the grandson and his
grandfather, which is quite entertaining, especially hearing the grandson
complain about the kissing scenes! But
his initial reluctance wanes as he gets hooked on the story, as we the viewers
do also.

The story is about a farm boy, who is off in search of
fortunes to marry his true love, but all does not go to plan. In the meantime Buttercup is chosen by the
Prince to be his bride (as the law of the land gives him the right to do!). It would not be so bad, he has vast wealth,
but as you later find out he plans to murder her off anyway!!! So luckily Wesley the handsome farm boy
comes to the rescue with the help of a few unlikely characters.

The film is not too dated considering it was originally
released so many years ago. The special
effects are bearable, if you are a little forgiving (perhaps on the giant eel
scene!). But the film has a certain
charm. I laughed at the antics of the
amateur villains, enjoyed the action of the sword fights and seeing true love
conquering all! The ending with the grandson and his grandfather provides a
little unexpected turn too.

Release of the 25th
anniversary is scheduled on the 25th of March.

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