WOW Toys Jurassic Jimmy Review

was so thrilled when Jurassic Jimmy finally arrived for him to review! The toy is pitched for children 1 and a half to 5, so being 4 and
5 my boys were at the upper end of the age recommendation. The pieces are chunky but apart from that
they still hold lots of potential for my two. 

cardboard scenic backdrop even came into play. 
The dinosaurs had to escape from the erupting volcano, before the lava
covered them! Luckily the water on the
picture helped cool it down according to them. 
Then they were busy transporting the egg to another area, as supposedly
it did not belong where it was… at one point I had the luxury of sitting with a
virtual ice cream and cup of tea for the stage show (although other characters came along for the performance including a giant squid!).

Trying to hatch the dinosaur egg…

stickers on the inside of the car and the egg added to the imaginative
play. My boys were giving the baby
dinosaurs food, a bath and playtime according to the stickers around the inside
of the egg. The dinosaur theme is
always popular for children, so I think WOW Toys are on to a winner with this

was impressed with the quality of the toy, it seems exceptionally well made and
if mine were only 1 and a half I would have felt safe for them to play with
it. The pieces are a good size for
little ones to get a grip on them. You
do not need to worry about constantly replacing batteries, as it requires
none. It has surprisingly strong
traction and moves a fair distance once you give it a little nudge in the right

is a real bargain at the moment for only £7.93 from Argos; it would make a
lovely present for any child up to five, a good alternative for chocolate at Easter at that price!

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