Your Image 2 Canvas Review

am a secret hoarder of canvas pictures; I prefer them to framed pictures, as
they look less fussy without the traditional frame. With all the decorating going on in our house, it was a pleasure
to review Your Image 2 Canvas and see what they had to offer. Our newly painted walls needed some WOW

were very fortunate at the time as there was a three for two offer, which would
appear to be a regular occurrence as the offer is back again already. Therefore I would definitely recommend
keeping an eye on their website. We
decided to use the £50 voucher provided to try out the 12 x 12 inch size. I especially like the flexibility the site
offers to have any size you like. There
is a custom section, so if you fancied a teeny tiny canvas or a super sized one
you will be more than happy here.

do recommend using a high-resolution picture (minimum 3MB) for the best results. The hardest part of the whole process was
finding our pictures to use when we were happy the actual ordering process was
very simple. Your Image 2 Canvas has
one of the user-friendliest interfaces with every option on just one page (so easy to compare all the prices and see the most popular options!). There are quite a few configurations that
you can pick from when creating your masterpiece, so you know it will be
tailored to your exact requirements.

You can choose landscape or portrait, the depth of your canvas frame, customise the edge of your canvas or if your feeling adventurous change the colour of your picture and go black and white or even Sepia. I like that you have such open ended options it really provides choice, after all its your unique picture you want the canvas to mirror that! You can even have the help of a designer crop your picture to best effect.

is surprisingly fast; our canvas came so quickly I hardly had a chance to
pre-emptively badger hubbie to get ready to put them up! You would expect to pay through the nose for
this speed of delivery but it’s all part of the package with their excellent

Reading the why choose them section I saw that they use genuine Epson Inks guaranteed not to fade for 75 years, I had not even thought of this before. For all I know the other canvas I have reviewed might fade really soon! With 75 years I can have plenty of enjoyment out of them! It gives me lots of comfort knowing it is a product made to last, helping treasure those special memories.

think without doubt with the special offer this is the best value website for
your canvas purchases. I would say they
feel pretty confident about it too, as they offer a price match promise. I cannot flaw my experience with Your Image2 Canvas, for reliability, speed and quality they really excelled.

You can follow them on facebook and twitter, I just missed entering a facebook competition for Mother’s day sob! Got to love decent competitions.

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