Your Saving Story for Cash

have teamed up with MoneySupermarket to giveaway £50 to the person who emails
me their best money saving story. The deadline for entries is
midnight on 29th March so you have plenty of time to wrack your mind of all the
zany, clever, sometimes crazy things you have done to raise money for something
your yearning after!

The winner on my blog will then have a chance of
winning £500, their entry will go up against all the other blog entries and
MoneySupermarket will pick a supreme champion of all that is saving money.

I wish I had a better approach to saving money, so am
hoping reading your entries gives me some much needed inspiration. I seem well qualified at spending money
sadly. I do try my best, entering
competitions in the vain hope of bringing in a few quid and cutting back on
morning coffees with the ladies or playdates with too many mouths to feed, as
it was surprising how much it added up every week…

But I have never done anything truly original to
save up for something I love. Maybe I
have not wanted something badly enough or perhaps I lack the resourcefulness of
my readers. So surprise me what lengths
did you go too?

Head over to the website to learn more, whilst you get your thinking cap on:

Then email me with the subject heading Amazing Saving Stories

7 thoughts on “Your Saving Story for Cash

  1. Just a simple one for us really. starting in january we save all the clubcard cash tokens you get given throughout the year. come december we take them in for the big tesco clubcard exchange and spend them on our sons toys. two years in a row weve put around just £30 towards his prezzies and the rest free 🙂 defo takes the stress outa christmas for sure x

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  3. My answer to saving money is to win everything I can so I can live a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget – some of the prizes I've won which I'd never be able to afford are a 5* honeymoon to St Lucia, a Bosch dishwasher, a £600 gas BBQ (which is loads better than our £150 oven!!!), theatre weekends in London, skiing holiday in the French alps etc If I won, this £50 would go towards matching bedding for our room!

  4. My partner and I write down on the calender what we will be eating each night for the following weeks meals. This not only helps us stay more organised but gives a focus of what to buy for our weekly shop, so we don't end up just buying any old thing for the sake of it. We also always look for the offers like £1 for a jar of sauce etc, it then sets us up for the following weeks meals too. Plus for the 2 of us we only spend about £50 – £60 p/w due to this, if that!!

  5. Download an app to tour smartphone such as vouchercloud or Groupon and check out the offers for days/ meals out/ These offers can save you a lot of money really easily.

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