Zooter Review and Competition

My son had a Lenny Zooter as one of his birthday presents
off us! It has brought a whole new
dimension to scooting; he is now going along, with a much-loved friend not just
his fabulous scooter. He is a fan of
all things Lion, so its great we could incorporate two things he really
likes! It went without saying that this
birthday present was a hit, unlike the tablet that just got a shrug of the
shoulders… hmmm possibly I should have
just carried on with the Lion theme instead!

at £14.95 I think they are a bit of a bargain, as you have a whole new style
for your scooter. It even comes
complete with two little pockets, so although he does not have his union jack
bag on there he can still carry his all-important snacks!

am impressed with Micro Scooters having had reflective material included on the
Zooter’s to help with road safety.

son loves playing with Lenny, open and closing his mouth, but it has yet to
leave its place on the scooter. You can
actually use it as a hand puppet too, not sure if we will ever get the chance
to try it out as he does not want it leaving its prized position on the

is really worth a visit to the Micro Scooter website to check out all their
scooter accessories, they do make fabulous additional birthday presents, which
going on how much Lenny is loved will be very popular with your own children!

If you would like to win a Zooter of your own, then please leave in the comments below a link to your favourite accessory from their website (please make sure you actually visit the website!). This will close on the 31st of March.

7 thoughts on “Zooter Review and Competition

  1. Mini Micro Blue Special Edition Scooter with FREE Mini Micro Bag this is the one I would pick for my grandson xx

  2. From a parent point of view the carry cover bags are a fantastic accessory! I can see it now, kid pesters to take Zooter to wherever you're going, waits until its too late to drop it off back home again and then wails that they don't want to use it and you're stuck with carrying it for the rest of the day haha! These people know their kids!

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