A phone is not just a fashion accessory

A lot of people look at the latest phone as a fashion accessory. Smart phones are so much better than that though. They are a constant connection to the internet, a camera in your pocket and a portable baby sitter.

In this day and age a smart phone is expected to do so much more than just send messages and receive calls. With the likes of YouTube and Netflix, children expect constant entertainment on the go, so 4G is now even more important than ever before. The problem is that battery life on most phones cannot keep up with the demand an enthusiastic toddler will place on it and it will run out of power long before a toddler gives up. This means you need a phone that not only has a large battery life but also a more energy efficient processor.

With all of the fun yet educational applications you can download using Google Play store you can also be sure that you don’t feel too guilty about the amount of time your children spend playing games.

Carphone warehouse

With the fabulous new features that you can get on the Samsung Galaxy S4 like Air Gesture and Smart Pause it is even more child friendly than ever before. With this phone you won’t mind giving it to your little ones when they have hands that might not be quite as clean as you would like. Carphone Warehouse has done a video review which gives you a pretty good feel of the samsung s4’s unique capabilities.

The S4 has a 5″ super AMOLED display which allows full 1080p HD making it perfect for viewing photos, web pages and full HD movies. The screen automatically adjusts its colours for optimal viewing which will help on those sunny days when you can’t see anything and on the cold winter days when you have gloves on you can still use your phone.

It seems that this phone may have everything you need to not only be the most up to date fashionable parent out there but also the one most able to keep your children entertained at a moment’s notice.

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