Badger The Mystical Mutt and the Daydream Drivers

is now on his fourth instalment of Badger, he was grateful to be sent his
latest fix. He does start wondering how
his dear friend Badger is getting on if too long goes between books being
published. He really does love reading his adventures.

Badger does help bring a smile to your face with his
unusual approach to magic making. In
this book he is trying hard to develop a contraption to get rid of bad
dreams! It is a useful way to bring up
the topic of nightmares and try and see what upsets your child if they have
them (like poor Lennie in the story). 
Night terrors can be quite common at a young age, so you could possibly
develop your own dream catcher to soothe them.

see elements of peer pressure: “I never wanted to be the leader. Pogo Paws and Pickle get up to mischief all
the time, and they insist on me joining in”. 
You can mention to your children how you would cope in that situation;
ask them for suggestions about what they would do. I think for a children’s book Badger does cover lots of important

book sees the introduction of Doodles, a dog of the aristocracy, hell bent on
developing luxury doghouses (complete with ALL the mod cons). This does not sound too bad in itself, as
after all what pouch would not want a little comfort. But he intends to make all the residents from the lane move on
apart from the two members of the gang he recruits to be his muscle!

To buy your own copy head to their website.

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