Bar Keepers Friend Review and Competition

Youngest is only at school for two short hours, so I do not
have long to clean before he is home again with his long list of demands (I
want to have a snack, then make a magic potion, then do some painting etc etc!). So I need cleaning products that are easy to
use and effective, so I can quickly whiz around in time.

It can be hard finding something that is tough enough; in a
house full of boys they seem to attract mud and dirt! So I was pleased to have the opportunity to try out Bar Keepers
Friend, so far it’s proving up to the task of cleaning thoroughly. The Power Cream is really good, it is
shifting some stains that I thought were settled in and set to stay forever!!!

Surfaces are looking whiter than ever before… I am quite
happy now if someone unexpectedly turns up and needs to use our
facilities. Think shades of Hollywood
white teeth that is how my bath and toilet are looking!!! I did not need too much elbow grease to
accompany the products I just left it to for a minute to work its magic and
then wiped off.

Bar Keepers Friend was first launched in the US way back in
1882, so it’s an established and trusted brand. They consider themselves the cleaning product of choice for those
specialist jobs and if you have items that need a little extra attention, such
as tarnished pans. I thought you only
had brand new pans and tarnished pans (mine always end up looking awful!), so
its good now I might actually shift the marks off them!

You can find more information on the products on the website
and ordering facility will follow shortly.

You lucky followers have a chance to win £50 worth of
these fabulous products, as seen in the picture.

Sadly you do not get the hamper itself but seriously it’s the
products you should be yearning for, once you have seen them in action you will
find it hard to go back! The
competition closes on the 1st of May.

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156 thoughts on “Bar Keepers Friend Review and Competition

  1. just about to have a new kitchen fitted so by the time its finished my while house is going to need blitzed, no idea where I will start!!

  2. Everything in the kitchen that gets just a quick wipe usually – so cooker and pans will gleam for a start.

  3. Just had the bathroom shower wall done and theres lots of small niggly marks & stains left over from the work – so I'd start with trying to remove some of those.

  4. My 19 year old son's room….and his floordrobe!He is a mechanic so oily grime prevails – ideal product challenge : )

  5. It has got to be my bathroom – my son plays football up to 4 times a week and comes home filthy dirty and covered in mud which has left my bathroom tiles and bathroom suite looking dingy! I need these to make my bathroom sparkly clean again!

  6. Its got to be the kitchen – Its where everything in our house happens………… Especially our daughter who is currently learning to feed herself………… She manages to get food EVERYWHERE!! 🙂 xx

  7. Now that winters over,
    spring cleaning is here once again,
    Bar Keepers Friend products will make it easier,
    To bring brighten and freshen up the home,
    To share with family and friends the sunny days ahead.

    Every room will be cleaned, thankyou for a fantastic prize

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