Getting away from it all

are one of our favourite things to do as a family, we love the chance to see
new places and unwind and relax from the daily routine of far too many after
school club dashes (we always seem rushing everywhere and running ever so
slightly late) and non-stop playdates!

When you have children getting the right accommodation is
more important than ever before, as a lone adult you can kind of make do, but
with children in tow you need to think of entertainment, facilities, location
etc. Otherwise what started out like a
tranquil idea becomes a living hell! 
With nothing for the children to do, like being stuck in a hotel hosting
a business conference with no time for little people, you soon start begging to be back home! seems like a good
starting point. You can narrow your
search to include family holidays; some of them are even based on working
farms. Then hopefully you can keep your
children happily occupied showing them all the animals and then maybe try to
palm them off as farm labourers…

But also fairly handy to search by
enclosed gardens, then you know your children can play safely and securely,
leaving you with one less thing to worry about. I have enough grey hairs brought on by my two as it is thank
you very much!

Just spotted Sonya’s
Cottage, Cottages with hot tubs now we are
talking! My body so needs the soothing
properties of hot water bubbling over me. 
After a day stopping my two mini wrestlers from destroying each other, I
think I have earnt a little rest and recuperation. I can close by eyes and imagine myself there, possibly with a glass of wine in hand!

I am signing off to head over to enter the competition on Mumsnet
to win a £350 cottage break with them. 
If I win I think the hardest part would be actually picking a location,
there are so many lovely cottages dotted around the UK, but as long as I pick one with a hot tub I do not mind where we end up!

One thought on “Getting away from it all

  1. I will take a look at this site as we've left booking our week away until the last minute due to our newborn baby being due next week. Can't wait to get away now though – it's been a long time!

    Found you via UK Bloggers and now subscribing 🙂

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

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