I Believe in Magic!

When you start blogging you learn of a mystical creature,
one equipped with tiny delicate wings with a habit of leaving a trail of magical
dust behind on lucky blogs. Originally spawned
from the mysterious land of Appliances Online, the little creature has a fondness
of drinking nectar and riding around on birds, but the Fairy Hobmother likes
finding new deserving blogs most of all.

I have always been hopeful mine
would eventually be visited. I chanted
daily “I believe” to see if it would make a difference! Then one day out of the blue my turn

With a wave of the magic wand I was rewarded with a nice treat (in the shape of an Amazon voucher) and I would like you to have a chance too,
kindly leave a comment below so the fairy Hobmother can find some other lovely
blogs to fly off to next.

Let’s keep the magic alive!

37 thoughts on “I Believe in Magic!

  1. If I send Car to her dream world of fairy land at bedtime then maybe the fairies will come visit us ?http:\www.barenakedmummy.blogspot.com

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