Learning Resources Competition

I am really excited to collaborate with Learning Resources to bring one lucky winner three fabulous prizes. I
am always keen to find new play resources, keeping youngest occupied can be
hard work! He has the attention span of
a gnat bless him and chops and changes what he wants to do every five
minutes. He loves creative activities best
of all though and these do seem to hold his attention better than anything

We have already raved about the Playfoam available to buy from them; you can refresh your memory with our review. Yesterday
he even moulded it into a sort of mask with cut out eyes and rabbit ears! He wanted to impress his rabbit obsessed older
brother when he got home from school. 
It is such a versatile moulding material, with lots of scope for being imaginative. So I am pleased to offer the Starter pack to start someone off on their Playfoam journey!

I am teaming this up with two offerings from the Smencils range, I have heard good things about these clever scented pencils. I remember fondly similar things I had as a child, I used to love the fact my drawings had that extra feature of smelling delicious too! But the smells on offer here are so much more diverse and interesting than the bog standard ones offered of old. Candy floss, Bubblegum and Cinnamon to name a few – I can certainly see why they get the gourmet name tag!

The other Smencils is the Robinson Fruit Shoot variety, I must admit I like the novelty factor of these. My two have had lots of them other the last few years as they are handy drinks on the go, so I know they would be quite excited to have drawings that smell of one of their favourite drinks.

To enter please fill in the rafflecopter below by the 17th of May. You could have yourself a few moments peace letting your children create their own masterpieces if you win!

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96 thoughts on “Learning Resources Competition

  1. My two girls love printing and stamping at the moment – they have some coloured stamp pads and lots of pretty stamps! Just a shame the ink doesn't come off my kitchen table! My two boys love model making!

  2. My son loves drawing and writing. my daughter loves sticking and glittering. painting is an activity they both enjoy together.

  3. Emma's favourite crafts activity is painting with a 'real' paintbrush. She also loves sticking foamboard shapes on the window (using water). That's an ideal activity now in springtime. Keeps her busy for a long time! πŸ™‚

  4. To be honest, not that much at the moment although I do keep trying. He has development delays so I think the fine motor is hard for him. I'm so keen to develop it and we have a craft cupboard and I keep looking for new ways to spark his interest.

  5. i love cross stitching with my grandchildren they love it as i do and they make some wonderfull things to

  6. Playdough πŸ™‚ They both can sit for a long time using their imagination and making wonderful things x

  7. my daughter loves everything to do with crafts but her most recent one to enjoy is paper mache πŸ˜€

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