LEGO Competition in honour of World Turtle Day

Turtle Day is just around the corner (May 23rd) and the lovely
people at LEGO are letting me giveaway two fabulous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle products to coincide with this special

Both my boys have become over
night fans of all things Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shaped, so I am more than happy to raise awareness
for the real Turtles out there (who may not have a penchant for pizza or wield
fancy weapons but are still very nice regardless!).

So lets big up the Turtle by helping protect them in the wild
and learning more about the work of the American Tortoise Rescue (who founded World Turtle
Day way back in 2000) by heading over to their website.

On offer we have Shredder’s Dragon Bike (#79101, RRP: Β£24.99) and Kraang Lab Escape (#79100, RRP: Β£9.99) to create some fine Turtle adventures.

Wait till your children set eyes on them! The winner will be in their good books for AGES. My two were quite disgruntled when I explained “no little darlings I am running a competition, they are not for you!” Hmmmph. Seriously you would think they were toy starved!

For more information go to

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To enter please complete the rafflecopter by the 23rd of May.

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139 thoughts on “LEGO Competition in honour of World Turtle Day

  1. because it encourages child to use their brain to build it and their imagination to play with it .great for hand eye co ordination and keeps them quiet!

  2. Both me and my son love Lego. It keeps him occupied for hours building spaceships and buildings. He's also just got into Ninja Turtles in a big way, so what would be better than Lego and Ninja turtles combined?

  3. Well Beacuse my Little boy loves collecting all the mini figures and to hear him play with them makes me smile πŸ™‚

  4. I love Lego because it's something you can play as a family and no-one gets bored. Also reminds me of the little Lego cafe I had when I was little that I LOVED!!! πŸ™‚ x

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  6. I remember playing with it as a child and I used to love it, building things for hours. It has never lost its appeal to kids, my kids loved it too and now their kids. There is so much you can do with lego and it is one toy gauranteed to keep kids entertained for hours!

  7. it is timeless, never dates, inspires creativity and has endless possibilities…it appeals to all ages and either sex. What is not to love?…. apart from standing on a piece when you have no shoes on! It's pure torture! No pain like it! X

  8. lego is wonderful for childrens imagination boy or girl
    i played with lego when i was small then i had my 3 children and it has always kept my kids happy for hours. now they are grown up its my grandchildrens turn to enjoy lego

  9. Lego is awesome! It was the one thing I always wanted to play with when I was young (and still now I'm honest!) – I would spend hours making houses, cars, anything out of Lego. It brings out the creative and imaginative side of a person, young or old! I have tried to build up a collection for my children, as well as other building toys (K'Nex etc) but there's so many different types. I still prefer the original Lego!

  10. I like the continuity of seeing your child playing happily with a toy you enjoyed when young. And who is too old to join in?

  11. It reminds me of being a kid! I loved making things with my LEGO and would love my son to experience that too.

  12. We LOVE lego in our house because it inspires the kids imagination (just dont leave any on the floor! oowwwwweeeee)

  13. WOW! We LOVE lego in our house because it is such a great tool to get creative with – a few bricks and the world is your oyster! Coupled with Ninja turtles… and I can't think of anything better for the boys!

  14. Because it is for people of all ages – I remember playing with it with my brother when I was a girl, and now I play with it with my boys. It's so versatile – anything from robots to houses can be built in no time. Great fun all round.

  15. Lego is totally genius – I really have to hold myself from taking over when I see kids playing with it!

  16. both my children aged 3 and 6 love lego! they build houses and caves for their figures, my daughter often plays cafe and shop using lego! endless fun for all ages.

  17. It helps my son to use his imagination and play. Some of the things he comes up with are amazing !! x

  18. I loved Lego as a child and had to wait until my first son was born for an excuse to play with it, now he is "too old" but my second son still likes it, however he wants to build the things himself, luckily my daughter loves it too and she is only 3 so I get to do the building, anyway that is why I would love to win this for my kids…. honest πŸ™‚

  19. I love LEGO so much as it's one of few toys the adults in my family love playing with as much as the kids πŸ™‚

  20. It's a toy my kids ALWAYS go back to despite the amazing gadgets that are around, best toys are ones where they can use their imagination – I always join in too πŸ™‚

  21. I played with it many years ago. It has stood the test of time. It is great for building skills, planning, as well as imagination and is robust and widely popular.

  22. Because you could pretend you're playing with the kids but really lego is still fun for adults too! πŸ™‚

  23. I have loved it since I was a child – a long time ago – and I love all the myriad varieties that are available now.

  24. I love lego and so do my girls, i think i love it because it isnt gender specific and lets your imagination go wild!

  25. It's great for all ages of kids big ones too and it gets kids using their imaginations as well which I love.

  26. great for fine motor skills, imagination and theres always plenty to share so no squabbles needed πŸ™‚

  27. Love it because it keeps the kids quiet! encourages imagination and something the girls and boys play with together

  28. I love Lego because it is just an old school practical toy, no computers and technology just a good old fashioned toy which everyone loves!

  29. my some loves to play with lego, he builds big houses with stages and diving boards on top… maybe a star of the future??

  30. I love Lego, as my little girl, who has been diagnosed with Asperger's can find huge outlets for her anxiety when she sits building Lego. She can spend hours creating the most fabulous buildings and creations with Lego.

  31. I used to play with Lego, hubby did too, my nephews have (19 and 17 now) my nieces did/do, and now my boys are. YIt's something everyone can pick up and get as creative as you like, just let your imagination run riot! xx

  32. I spent Christmas Holidays helping my 11 son rebuild his Lego City. It is just so addictive and fun!

  33. Lego is fab. You can use it for so many projects it is no wonder that it is still so popular after all these years :o)

  34. Lego is a toy that has lasted more than 60 years and is still going strong. Go in to any toy shop and you'll find shelves dedicated to it. It is ageless … we have pieces that belong to my grandma which still fit the current up to date models. Lego is affordable and allows my kids to have hours of fun on a budget which suits my purse.

  35. I love the creativity it inspires in children and adults. Only thing i hate is when you lose one crucial piece in a set x

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