Long live the Aqua Dragons

eldest is very impressed we were sent this kit from Brainstorm and they
actually hatched!

They are swimming
around quite happily; we could not quite believe our eyes. We held off ordering a magnifying glass as
the last kit we had from Galt nothing sadly happened! My son was sad faced, he had been excited every morning to check
on the bowl of water, but it was not to be. 
So I was extremely hopeful we would have a better result with this and
we certainly did!

We have heaps of these little creatures swimming
about. They are very tiny, so you
cannot see them on a photograph yet (my camera is not the best!). It
was very easy to get started, just make sure you have bottled water in supply
ready! Other than that it’s quite an
easy process, you feed them a few days after they have hatched and then every
2-3 days. If the water falls below the
recommended level you just give a little top up.

my son he was pleased with this set, because the Aqua Dragons do not eat each
other, he was a little alarmed his last set contained creatures that ultimately
would have started chomping on each other. 
But it is a fantastic gift idea, children have a curiosity for the
natural world around them and you can also start teaching them about life
cycles in a simple manageable way, because Aqua Dragons grow, reproduce and
then ultimately die.

its not a very high maintenance set, if your children are desperate for a pet
this is a good compromise, you have no mess to tidy up, they live
self-contained, they do not start barking when the postman turns up and they
are quite cheap overall (the set also comes complete with a little tank, food
and eggs, so basically everything you need!).

not hard to see why it was picked out for a “best new toy” award at the Toy
Fair 2013. We love it!

can follow Brainstorm on facebook; they host lots of competitions, so go on
give them a like! https://www.facebook.com/Brainstormltd

can email them to find out stockists using the address on their website.


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