Loubilou Website Review

I have stumbled upon the lovely Loubilou website. It was only launched in April, so its all fresh and new and exciting. I especially love the way it looks, everything set out so enticingly. Lots of unique idea’s for children that catch
your eye instantly!

Sometimes you feel everything is the
SAME (bought from the same high street shop, you crave seeing your children
wearing something different to all their friends!), with this site it really
does cater for those wanting something a little different. So here you find original looking
t-shirts, novel toys and games, interesting craft ideas and imaginative décor
brought to you from independent sellers all around the world!

The website was easy to use and
navigate, I ordered a couple of the mini colouring kits. I thought these would be handy to keep the
boys occupied if we have bad weather when next on holiday! I keep hoping it will warm up soon, but
today was another cold and wet non-event… so good to be prepared!

But I was torn between using the
voucher toward a whole multitude of items and adding some extra funds towards them. I have a feeling I will be back
again soon. So many things are calling
out to me!!! This night light especially, how could children ever get scared in the dark with this cheery fellow.

Gummy Goods Night Light (£24.99)

If your a seller Loubilou is well worth checking out too! If you want your product to get noticed its a great platform to do that. Now I am off to pester hubbie about some items on Loubilou falling into our essential purchases for the month… wish me luck!

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