Mega Bloks Skylanders Giants Review

son is a little obsessed with Skylanders, okay a little might be slightly down
playing his epic collection of characters!!! 
I stopped counting when we went over 50…

his delight over finding out Mega Bloks had play sets to build and have battles
with was a huge highlight for him.

Wii Skylanders characters are housed in a special cabinet, he sometimes gives
his little brothers friends a tour of the contents (to be honest it would not
surprise me if he did not start charging a fee, its like a Skylanders museum in
there!). The problem is he does not
like playing with these treasured items, so Mega Bloks have really come to the
rescue here.

mummy is happy he is having time off the Wii and he is thrilled he can continue
his adventures off screen. I did not
realise Mega Bloks did smaller bricks, I thought they were all about the big,
bright colourful blocks my boys seem to have outgrown, so its exciting to see
our love of Mega Bloks can continue and my boys have plenty more amazing things
to build.

Eldest had no trouble helping me follow the
instructions and build alongside me. It
is great to get him focused on a task like this, seeing him concentrate and
developing his fine motor skills. It
was a pleasant way to pass our time together. With him being 5 he is pushing
for more computer time, whether on a tablet or the Wii so I like doing other
things that grab his attention and this set certainly did that!

The instructions come with lots of idea’s of other things you can build with what is included, so its a set they will never tire of. So well worth the initial investment and they are even better value at the moment, Amazon seem to have good offers on at the moment! I am sorely tempted to add Crushers Pirate Quest to our collection now its only £24.00!

It is definitely worth following Mega Bloks UK facebook page as they hold regular competitions.

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