Pirate Party Review

theme of the box is perfect for 5-8 year old children it is aimed at, pirates
seem well liked at this age, and they enjoy the adventure of the high sea’s and
all the swashbuckling! It’s also an
excuse for me to say “me hearties” and “walk the deck you scurvy sea dog” a

was impressed with the quality of the kit, the treasure chests were plastic – I
thought they would have been made from cardboard, but plastic is much better as
they are quite hardwearing.

as my two boys are really taken by them, hiding the gold coins provided and all
manner of other little treasures inside. 
Youngest hid his in the wardrobe at bedtime, as he did not want a pirate
making off with it in the night whilst he was sleeping!

instructions are helpful so you not only know what to do, but the order to
schedule your activities – ensuring children can leave with what they made (and
its not covering them in wet paint!). 
Our boys did the activities with nanny’s girls who are 12 and 15; they
pretended to be too cool to be enjoying it! 
But secretly I could tell they were having as much fun as the boys!

know not all parents will be keen on crafts at a party, worried about the mess
and how they will get six 5-8 year old’s to complete all the activities. But it is surprisingly simple and the paint
dries quickly (which helps!). I think
it is well worth buying, if you want to take care of the entertainment and the
take home presents in one pack. Priced
at £24.99 I think that it more than pays for itself. It takes a lot of the stress out of organising a party; there is
even a section on party games you can play with them (so never a dull moment!).

structure of the set is ideal for boys, as at a party otherwise fighting and
wrestling or non-stop computer game playing take precedence. This way you are developing their artistic
talents and looking like some clever mummy when they go home showing all their
handcrafted prizes to their own parents! 
Plus you get lots of lovely pirate pictures of the children donning
their pirate hats and eye masks!

the full range of toys and gifts on the interplay website.

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