Shloer bringing Sparkle into your life

have kindly offered me 12 bottles of their new limited edition Raspberry and Rhubarb Punch to giveaway to one lucky winner.

We reviewed it a short while ago and
found it to be a lovely refreshing drink for warmer weather. This prize would be ideal for a baby shower
or (my preferred option) to compliment some alcoholic cocktails. Us mums deserve to let our hair down on
occasion! Being a parent is not always
a walk in the park (as much as it does seem to involve lots of walks to the park!).

You could have a group of friends over and enjoy a BBQ and
then you know the designated driver is also well catered for with the Raspberry and Rhubarb Punch. Although you will
find most people tempted to give it a try. 
It certainly did not last long here, the kids got hold of it and gulp it
was gone. Very moreish, I loved the taste (well what little they left me!).

If you would like to win then please complete the
rafflecopter below by the 8th of May. I cannot guarantee
good weather for your party but I can assure you will have an enjoyable
sparkling drink to hand to keep your guests very happy!

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230 thoughts on “Shloer bringing Sparkle into your life

  1. I'd share them with my boyfriend and family, now the weather's picking up hopefully we could have a BBQ!

  2. As you say, perfect for a baby shower. I am having a get together in June a few weeks before babs is due and would be lovely to share around x

  3. I would appreciate the fact that a non alcoholic drink can be more delicious than an alcoholic one, no hang over with this yummy drink!

  4. Share? I wouldn't get a drop! As soon as my daughter spots the bottle that's it – it's gone! She loves Shloer and both my girls love having it at Christmas – they call it "Childrens wine".

  5. My friend Lynda who I go walking with twice a week; it would be very refreshing up speed walking around the neighbourhood for an hour!

  6. I am organising a baby shower for my sister in July so I would use these as an alcohol free alternative.


  7. I would share my bottles with my teenage children to show them that there is an acceptable alternative to alcohol.

  8. My good friend who like me is tee total, we can watch the others at a BBQ getting drunk and stupid

  9. Being this my very first competition entry I would celebrate (if I win) with a toast of the lovely sparkly Shloer with my hubby and my 2 children as they would be able to drink it too. Cheers! xxx πŸ™‚

  10. my kids would drink it before I get the chance to decide who to share it with, they love Shloer!

  11. I may just share with my Dad when he comes and stays, but I may equally have to be greedy and keep them to myself and enjoy them!

  12. I would share with my daughter who is feeding her 4 month old and isn't drinking anything alcoholic. And the rest of the family too of course.

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