Shloer Spring Sparkle

We were sent two bottles of Shloer, the plan was to add them to my night in with the girls itinerary, possibly adding them to a cheeky cocktail! Well so much for that master plan, once the boys clocked eyes on the bottles, they insisted they got involved in the taste testing…

There was no prising them back off them, until they had tried a healthy portion of both!

Here eldest is seen with his empty cup!

He liked both varieties but the new Raspberry and Rhubarb Punch was an outright winner. It did have a much nicer smell about it and when your five that seems quite important…

I thought it tasted a little like sherbet, but I found it very pleasant and refreshing. It is a limited edition, so if your tempted do not wait too long to seek it out in your nearest supermarket.

It has got us in the mood for the start of Spring! The RRP of £2.29 a bottle means this is quite a cheap way to lift your spirits and enjoy some sparkle! It is handy for the non-drinkers, the white grape especially is a good substitute for a glass of wine! But the Raspberry and Rhubarb Punch can be quite good fun, with the addition of a handful of raspberries floating around in your glass too (I may well have done this if the boys had not polished them off so quickly!!!).

For more information head to the website,

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