Tetris Light Competition

love hosting competitions on my site, especially when something really catches
my eye. I used to be a big fan of the
Tetris game and would get rather hooked, so I must admit I was quite taken by
the look of this light.

This light is
great for a session of fond reminiscing, a present idea that works well for
anyone with a love of all things retro or those amongst us who appreciate an
unusual design.

think its pretty clever how it slots into place, you can place them however you
like, so it’s a light that can change regularly, meaning you will never be
bored of it! Seven individual blocks
give you lots of scope to stack them creatively and if you extend your Tetris Light collection (RRP of £29.99) you can soon create something quite

me a gift do seem rather talented at spotting wonderful gift ideas. Now I have opened up the website to write my
post, I am getting distracted by lots of lovely products rather than focusing
on the task at hand…

you would like to win this funky light then please complete the rafflecopter
below by the 25th of April.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

174 thoughts on “Tetris Light Competition

  1. I Love quirky things and this is fab!!! I wouldn't put it in the kids room though, but in my sitting room. I love the bath bubbles machine and the favourite things posters, in fact, there is a lot of unusual quirky gifts!!

  2. The tetris light did actually! I love Tetris madly…so nostalgic and still fun after all this time 🙂

    The Eye Rock Designer Liner looks pretty cool too

  3. The Grow Your Own Gay Best Friend caught my eye (not that I'd want to buy it!) Love the novelty gifts on there 🙂

  4. I love the moustache egg fryer. This is the perfect fun gift for my fella. He will think it's hilarious!

  5. I want the Attacknid spider. The fun I could have with all the arachnophobia sufferers in my family.

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