The Sooty Magic Show Review and Competition

Abbey Home Media have some lovely dvd’s and this is no exception. Sooty is a firm family favourite from when
both hubbie (he even had a Sooty soft toy!) and myself were children; it has
been nice reminiscing with my boys and seeing if they would enjoy it as much as
we used to.

It has proved to be a popular dvd for them both, I am
finding their selections diverging and its hard to get something they both want
to watch at the same time! I am
reluctant to have everyone sat in different rooms watching different shows, so
it’s lovely when something is a hit with everyone! They sat very contented watching it, I took it with us to their
grandparents so they could have a little peace as otherwise my poor dad is
backwards and forwards playing hide and seek for ages!

Sweep and Soo are very likeable characters, if not a little mischievous in the
six episodes in the dvd. The Poorly Soo
episode had them in fits of giggles, seeing Sooty and Sweep pretending to be
ill so they get extra special treatment and tender loving care too! It sounds just like what my two would doโ€ฆ

you would like to get your hands on a copy, then please do complete the
rafflecopter below by the 17th of April. I will give away 3 copies through this competition and another on my facebook page (for those who seem to have trouble commenting on here).
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