Abbey Media May Releases

were sent two new Abbey Media releases, Sooty The Children’s Party (released the 20th of
May) and Volume 2 Learn to Read With The Alphablocks (released the 6th
of May).

The competitions I hosted for
both titles proved really popular and I can see why going on the reaction of my
two little film critics.

especially is getting a very positive reaction! They sigh dramatically when the DVD comes to an end and beg
wholeheartedly for me to put it on straight again…

I have to encourage them to get fresh air and do other things so once a day is all I
can allow my two Sooty obsessed boys, but I very much like the peace and quiet
one playtime of the DVD brings (a whole hour with no fighting whoopee!). So I can highly recommend this title
alongside my boys. Sooty, Sweep and Soo
are very entertaining as they muddle along trying to assist in the children
party. Although it has made me very
peckish for party food! Will the party
be a success? Richard’s job hangs in the balance, poor man! Relying on his three friends to pull through
for him… (Handing out invites, blowing up balloons etc often with comic

The other episodes Beach Patrol and Pizza To Go are very
funny too, my boys are 4 and almost 6 and not tiring of the characters
antics. Soo doing a catwalk of her
Barbie’s and having Sooty add a cheeky moustache to one made me giggle.

was pleased youngest could watch the second instalment of Learn to Read With
The Alphablocks as I do think it is quite an educational series. It is helpful for youngest to start sounding
out the letter noises, I am trying to give him a head start ready for full time
school this September, so the workload does not seem overwhelming. As I think it will be quite a shock for him
going full time (not being able to boss mummy around all day, how will he
cope!). We have lots of learning books,
but mummy needs supplementary materials (like this DVD) so he can learn and I
can tidy! Seriously the latest craze of
marbles is looking quite dangerous! 
Eldest has been flying once already… (DVD on now so I can let operation
“contain marbles” begin!).

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