Artzooka Rock Painting Review

we have been making new rock friends! 
Thanks to our Artzooka Rock Painting Set we were sent to review.

was a little surprised the rocks were actually included in the set, I am not
quite sure why, I guess I thought it would make the box extra heavy to
post! Seeing as it’s on special offer
for only £4 on Amazon (usually has an RRP of £5.99) it’s hard to think how they
could make a profit – especially seeing as everything is included: the pots of
paint, paintbrush and the cardboard accessories to make them into creatures
(but good for us customers always after a bargain!). 

and I had been all geared up to go hunting for some suitable rocks, but it
meant he could crack on with the painting a little quicker. Also if you lived in a built up area you
might not be lucky enough to have rocks just knocking around waiting to be painted and turned into your new pets.

I still like the set well enough and the boys loved it (another opportunity to
make a creative mess on the kitchen table is always viewed quite positively

Meet “TwoTwo” the Tortoise, so named because he is two according to youngest and also has a mini tortoise on his back so making two of them! The cardboard accessories do help turn your rock into something a little more exciting, but do wait till the paint has dried otherwise they do not stick on very well! Our next batch are drying as I type ready to be changed into animals tomorrow.

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